Code of Conduct

Mobile Phones

We advise all temporary staff that personal calls are to be limited to breaks (except in emergencies). Your mobile phone should be switched off during working hours.

Internet Usage

The internet (including email & social networking sites) are not to be used for personal reasons, without express permission from the Client. Please note that internet usage for sending, forwarding or emailing messages or attachments of an offensive or pornographic nature is strictly prohibited and may result in your immediate termination of your contract by ACOS Personnel.

Privacy Policy

Please contact us if you require a copy of our Privacy Policy.


You may, during your temporary assignments, come across business information of a confidential or sensitive nature. You must not divulge any business dealings with any party, during or after your employment with ACOS Personnel.

Dress Code

Whilst on assignment, you are representing ACOS Personnel. In order to maintain a professional image, please take special care of your grooming and appearance ie: correct business attire.


Please note that the Client’s telephone system is to be used for business related calls only (except in emergencies).


Please advise us and your supervisor immediately if you become aware of any workplace hazards, incidents or injuries. Please also advise us if the nature or duties of your role is changed in any way.